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2017 Greeting - January 1, 2017

2017 Greeting, Roses, Krishnamurti quote

2016 Greeting - January 1, 2016

Trees in woodland

2015 Greeting - January 1, 2015

Painting, Seascape, Creative Space

Twilight Revisited - May 3, 2014

To mark 10 years since the release of 'Twilight-World Music', an unreleased song from the recording sessions has been made available. 'Blue Light' was recorded in 2002, but was shelved in favour of a new version, which omitted the lyrics and included vocalise instead. This eventually appeared on the 2004 release as 'The Presence Of Blue Light'. The track can be streamed in full and is also available to purchase at Bandcamp.

'Frost Fair (London Elegy)' Video - January 26, 2014

To commemorate the last great frost fair of 1814, I have made a video for the song 'Frost Fair (London Elegy)'. I filmed the footage beside the River Thames at Old Wapping Stairs. The 1814 frost fair took place towards the end of January between Blackfriars and London Bridge, where the river froze into a field of solid ice.

2014 Greeting - December 31, 2013


'Everything Was Golden' Video - August 19, 2013

December Peace Card - December 24, 2012


On The Simon Raymonde Radio Show - September 4, 2012

'Wonder Of Snow' was featured on Simon Raymonde's (Bella Union label, ex Cocteau Twins) show on Amazing Radio on 3/9/12. The show can be heard on the player, and the track is fifth in the playlist. It will also be repeated on Saturday 8th September at 1pm GMT.

'Dew Bright Earth' Video - July 29, 2012

'Everything Was Golden' To Be Played Again On 'BBC Introducing' - January 29, 2012

'Everything Was Golden' is to be played again on Tom Robinson's 'BBC Introducing' show, tonight between 1:00-3:00, towards the end of the programme. I've been told it's the second to last track. Again, it will be available on the BBC iPlayer for a further seven days, so you can still catch up with the show all next week. The link to the show is

'Everything Was Golden' On BBC Radio - January 21, 2012

'Everything Was Golden' will be played on the Tom Robinson 'BBC Introducing' show in the early hours of this Sunday/Monday 23rd Jan (1.00-3.00). The song is fourth in the play list, so fairly early in the show and will also be available on the BBC iPlayer, so it can be heard for a further seven days. The link to the show is

'Wonder Of Snow' Video - December 22, 2011

'Illuminant' Release Day - November 21, 2011

"Ascend and shine,

Above the clouds to touch the sky,

And stay in the air when these moments are bright"

'Illuminant' is released into the world today. The complete E.P. will premiere on the media player here. The CD and special editions are available now from the 'Store'. MP3 downloads are available also: Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, and Great Indie Music will be selling downloads from today. Links to their sites can be found through the 'Store'.

'Illuminant' Special Edition - November 18, 2011

Illuminant Special Edition Collection (Booklet/CD, Greetings Cards Set & Poster)

Limited Edition A3 Poster

Special Edition 16 page A5 Booklet/CD Edition




The Illuminant Collection is complete now that the booklets and posters are ready. I'm very pleased with the finished product. The A5 booklets are printed on heavy silk paper and have a very fine finish, so are beautiful to touch. As you can see from the inside shots, there are new photographs I created for this project. The CD will be placed in a pouch at the back of the booklet, so to finish the Booklet/CD edition. The poster is also quite beautifully made, as it is printed on silk paper as well and would look very nice on the wall. This poster will come free with orders of the Booklet/CD edition and the Illuminant Collection. As the poster is a strictly limited edition, it will be available while stocks last. These versions of 'Illuminant' will only be available exclusively from the store.

'Illuminant' Sleeve And Greetings Cards - November 13, 2011

Illuminant front and back sleeve with disc

Illuminant Sleeve (Front)     Illuminant Sleeve (Back)

Illuminant commemorative greetings cards

Illuminant Greetings Cards (I)

Illuminant Greetings Cards (II)

Here is the CD fresh from the manufacturer, and the cards from the printers. The booklets and posters will be ready in a few days, and they will be posted here as soon as I collect them. I'm very pleased with the quality, and it is worth taking time over things like layout, so that the people making the product can do a good job for you. I hope you like the look of it so far. There's more to come...

'Shine Like Silver' Promo - November 13, 2011

'Illuminant' Trailer (Part Four) - November 6, 2011

'Illuminant' Trailer (Part Three) - October 30, 2011

'Illuminant' Frontispiece - October 29, 2011

This is the frontispiece for the A5 booklet of illuminated lyrics which will accompany the CD's special edition version. I executed the painting in watercolour and gold paint on handmade paper, with text overlay. The image will also be a part of the set of commemorative greetings cards for the CD's release.

Illuminant Frontispiece

'Illuminant' Trailer (Part Two) - October 23, 2011

Losing Today Review Of 'Illuminant' - October 21, 2011

Sonny ‘illuminant’ (minimal). First impressions don’t always count, take as an example the soft seduction of the crystalline chiming dream washes that succulently freefall through the cavernous wilderness of ‘shine like silver’ their measured grace and murmur like heaven bound tonalities suggest as the press release rightly notes a mid way holding point between the lazily glazed dream pop accented angelic airiness of the Cocteau Twins and the frosted elegance of Sigur Ros though on a second listening we here are thinking there’s something of the amorphous soft prog psych artistry of the criminally overlooked Levitation about its wares. Atmospherically enhanced by what sounds like the stilled silence of snow burnt landscapes there’s an alluring hymnal reverence that seamlessly chills through to the core of the reflectively mournful ‘dew bright earth’ - its softly trod classical inclines pointing to the slow soft glowing radiance of Antonymes. The baroque like majesty of ‘everything was golden‘ tenderly hollows to the ghost like reflective caress of David Sylvian, tears stains trace a stirring and solemnly subdued introspective realisation that recalls a forlorn mourning Morrissey comforted by the silken salutary opine of his sparring partner Marr’s crushed fret felt needlework albeit here as though the Smiths at their most head bowed, vulnerable and shyly withdrawn had been rephrased and endowed by a stately sense of monastic presence by a late 80’s 4AD dream team - this mortal coil, dead can dance et al. if you get this far without the feeling of being in awe and humbled by something truly tenderly tortured then the fixing glare of the heartbreaking and lonesome ‘wonder of snow’ may just cause your defences to buckle under the stress of its overwhelming ache as its tearful trail of bowing bowed chimes cripple with forlorn despair to an unanswered litany of prayers. Immense stuff.
Due out next month ‘illuminant’ will come pressed up on a CD housed in a limited edition book featuring lyrics and photographs. He is set to take the stage sometime next year.

'Illuminant' Trailer (Part One) - October 17, 2011

New E.P. Press Release - September 15, 2011

Illuminant Cover

Title: Illuminant
Label: Minimal-escent Music
Release Date: November 21st 2011
Catalogue Number: minimalCD004
Format: CD, Special edition A5 booklet with CD, Download

1. Shine Like Silver

2. Dew Bright Earth

3. Everything Was Golden

4. Wonder Of Snow

"I solitary court the inspiring breeze,
and meditate the book of Nature, ever open..."
James Thomson

'Illuminant' is Sonny's first release since his 2008 album, 'The Spirit Of Elegy'.
The four songs were composed and recorded over a period of two years, at home and
at Birdland Productions studio in west London, owned by musician and engineer Chris Murrell.
The E.P. could be described as being Alternative or 'Dreampop', with its recognition
of a classic era of Indie E.P.'s in the mid 80's to early 90's; also taking in influences as
varied as Baroque and Classical, Ambient, Goth and 60's Psychedelia.
'Illuminant' is a labour of love. It is the vision of one person through lyric,
music and the visual arts, where each medium becomes an integral part of the work.
The E.P. will therefore be released as a special edition CD, with a companion book
of illuminated lyrics and photographs created by Sonny for this project.
His first live performance will take place in 2012, and showcase music from the E.P. and
previous releases together with his visual work.

Black and white portrait, Antique folding camera

Elegies Book - May 17, 2011

Elegies Cover

I am pleased to announce the release of my first book, which is titled 'Elegies'. This limited edition forty page softback volume measures 7"x7" with a glossy cover and inside pages printed in a semi-matte finish on 135 grm paper. The book features the complete photographic images created for 'The Spirit Of Elegy' album, and all of the lyrics from the same release as well as the first album, 'Twilight-World Music'. Each book will be signed and include a copy of the 'Frost Fair' CD single. 'Elegies' is available to purchase from the store.


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Elegies Title Page

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