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"First impressions don’t always count, take as an example the soft seduction of the crystalline chiming dream washes that succulently freefall through the cavernous wilderness of ‘shine like silver’ their measured grace and murmur like heaven bound tonalities suggest as the press release rightly notes a mid way holding point between the lazily glazed dream pop accented angelic airiness of the Cocteau Twins and the frosted elegance of Sigur Ros though on a second listening we here are thinking there’s something of the amorphous soft prog psych artistry of the criminally overlooked Levitation about its wares. Atmospherically enhanced by what sounds like the stilled silence of snow burnt landscapes there’s an alluring hymnal reverence that seamlessly chills through to the core of the reflectively mournful ‘dew bright earth’ - its softly trod classical inclines pointing to the slow soft glowing radiance of Antonymes. The baroque like majesty of ‘everything was golden‘ tenderly hollows to the ghost like reflective caress of David Sylvian, tears stains trace a stirring and solemnly subdued introspective realisation that recalls a forlorn mourning Morrissey comforted by the silken salutary opine of his sparring partner Marr’s crushed fret felt needlework albeit here as though the Smiths at their most head bowed, vulnerable and shyly withdrawn had been rephrased and endowed by a stately sense of monastic presence by a late 80’s 4AD dream team - this mortal coil, dead can dance et al. if you get this far without the feeling of being in awe and humbled by something truly tenderly tortured then the fixing glare of the heartbreaking and lonesome ‘wonder of snow’ may just cause your defences to buckle under the stress of its overwhelming ache as its tearful trail of bowing bowed chimes cripple with forlorn despair to an unanswered litany of prayers. Immense stuff."

('Losing Today' Review)
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The Spirit Of Elegy


"From out of woods, over lakes and hills, and into the early morning streets where you walked, emerged a mist of beautiful sadness...".
Four years after his debut release comes 'The Spirit Of Elegy', an album of ten new compositions, written, performed and produced by Sonny and recorded in London over the period of a year.
A departure from the electronic and eastern-tinged aspects of the first album 'Twilight-World Music', 'The Spirit Of Elegy' finds Sonny retreating into the rich soil of English Romanticism, which was touched upon in certain songs on the former album, but now embraced fully with the lush orchestral Gothicism of songs such as 'Earth And Dust' and 'The Affliction Of Childhood'; the cathedral splendour of 'Anthem For Radiant Trees' and the delicate 'The Body Attains The End Which Comes To Us All'.
The swirling and majestic 'Lighthouses For The Desolate', 'Frost Fair' and 'Rhapsody', recall the heady sounds of Cocteau Twins or Sigur Ros, whilst the title song evokes an emotive sadness which is beautifully heartbreaking.
This is an album of painstakingly crafted and exquisitely sorrowful songs, that the listener will want to treasure. Take solace...

(2008 press release)
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Twilight-World Music


"A rare and beautiful discovery!" Sonny's debut album which was recorded in London over a six month period, was released in 2004, and is a finely textured work showcasing his plaintive vocals, sculpted around ambient soundscapes, utilizing both organic and electronic instrumentation.
The opening track 'Oneness 1 (Inner Ear Spectrum)', is a swirling array of sounds: layered synth and guitar loops, with a rhythmic beat and Sonny's vocalise that creates an almost trippy atmosphere, that is carried over into companion pieces 'The Presence Of Blue Light' and 'Oneness 2 (The Life Of Scattered Stones)'. Their trance-like nature and ethnic feel are reminiscent of the work of Sheila Chandra, as is 'She Moved Through The Fair', Sonny's rendition of the old Irish ballad.
Songs such as 'Stillness', 'Places For Healing' and 'Live In The World', are virtually hymns to the natural world, capturing intense feelings for landscapes, with his emotive vocals floating over warm electronic sounds.
'Twilight-World Music' is a beautifully hypnotic experience, which also displays an affinity with the dreampop of Cocteau Twins and the lyrical intensity of David Sylvian. It is an album that comes from the depths of the heart. Lose yourself in its charms.
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